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Forward Motion of Faith

The beginning of any school year holds a whirl of excitement and newness. Twin Valley Bible Academy is certainly not exempt from the normal wind tunnel of busyness. From the students to the teachers and staff, we are all buzzing with the privilege of spending another year together in fellowship and learning. Observing students each day is a wonder, and it is a serious reminder of how important it is to equip them properly – both academically and spiritually. The world’s pull is subtle. It’s insidious tendrils never appear Goliath in size but are just as mammoth in the potential destruction they hold. It is our call here at Twin Valley Bible Academy to raise up a school filled with young men and women who hold deep and abiding confidence in Christ. For certainly, the world will siphon off their strength when they look to anything (or anyone) other than God and His unfailing Word for their truths. From the classroom to the soccer field, and everywhere in between, the school’s ministry is to lead our students by example, and afford them the chance to develop a personal and lasting faith of their own. Whether it is in band practice or at a soccer game, doing a class project or taking a field trip, memorizing bible verses or listening to a chapel speaker, may the Lord's sweet hand lead the way. Praying for a forward motion of faith looking to Christ, at the end of the school year may our students find themselves stronger and wiser with each step they have taken.

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