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Sink or Float?

Being a Kindergarten teacher affords me many opportunities to see Holy Spirit in action. For instance, our little science experiment – Sink or Float – easily has found its way into my spiritual catalog of lessons. I thought about how often I sink down into fretting, anxiety, sinful attitudes, and behaviors all because I am too dense with all the wrong thoughts and ideas and concerns. I am heavily weighed down by my situation with a skewed perspective! Jesus tells me to come to Him when I am heavy laden and He will give me rest, His burden is light!

There is the impossible possibility, that when I trust in Him and lay my burdens down, I become much less dense – much lighter! I suppose I could float along those waves no problem – if only I would keep my eyes on my Savior instead of my circumstance!

Of course when this Kindergarten teacher began to reflect on the "guesses" of her students as to which items would sink or float, Matthew 14 came to her mind. The waves – reacting to the ire of the wind – tossed the disciples’ boat boisterously about the sea. They were so afraid and disturbed at their plight they did not recognize Jesus when He came walking to them on the water. They surmised He was a spirit. Crazy what fear can do, right?!? However, it is simply amazing what a tiny bit of faith can do to cast fear out!

When Christ beckoned Peter to come join Him amidst the tempestuous waters, off our impulsively faithful brother went – and He walked on water – He floated along those turbulent waves – straight to Jesus!!

Peter, the one as tumultuous as the sea itself, was the brave one - the one with that jaw-dropping faith. Yet, when he took his eyes off His Savior, he grew afraid again and began to sink.

How many of us have been there – that place between faith and fear, walking the waves and sinking? I, too, have cried out as Peter did – “Lord, save me!” when the waves of life rock my ship a little too hard. I wonder, will I sink or float??

Subtly, fear can manipulate our thoughts. It can take us from a feeling to a frightful lie in no time flat!

However, it is even more amazing when we hear the Savior's voice, we can rest easy it is He who will calm the storm - and deliver us from sinking, just as He did our pal Peter! I took great comfort in this truth as I thought about teaching my students to stay the course in this windy world - to listen for the voice of God, and keep their eyes on the Master, trusting He will deliver them from sinking - always!

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