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ADMISSIONS 2024-25 Enrollment Now Open

Thank you for your interest in Twin Valley Bible Academy! We understand that choosing Christian Education is a big commitment. We hope to make the application & enrollment process easy and understandable. The steps below will be your guide, but if you should have any questions, or need help give us a call at (610)286-6646. 

Step 1: Apply 
            Apply by clicking the button to the right. Fill out and submit your application with your $10 non-refundable application fee. New Student applications are due by July 31. 
                    Email Admissions at: 
                    Mail to Admissions at: Twin Valley Bible Academy
                                                       Admissions Department
                                                             105 Shirktown Rd.
                                                              Narvon, PA 17555
Step 2: Interview
            When TVBA receives all documents and fees we will reach out to you to schedule an interview with the headmaster. The interview will take place at the school with both parents present. Students in grades 6-12 are required to accompany their parents. Students in grades K-5 are invited but not required. 
Step 3: Placement Testing            
            Upon completed interview, the parents will be contacted for placement testing for each applying student. Testing will be completed in April -June for the following academic year. Students in Kindergarten will be tested on general elementary knowledge for entrance (kindergarten begins at 5 years). Grades 1-12 will complete a writing assignment and math testing.
            After all admissions requirements are met, the admissions staff will notify parents that their child(ren) has been accepted and ready for enrollment.    
Step 4: Enrollment           
            The final process of admission is the enrollment packet. This may happen simultaneously during placement testing. Families will receive this packet to be filled out and submitted. The enrollment packet will be submitted with a $100 per student enrollment fee (Family cap $250.00). Upon confirmation, enrollment is complete.     

Tuition Assistance

How does Tuition Assistance work for families?  

First, you must apply and be accepted into the program. (Click on the facts logo to the right to begin applying). Applications to FACTS may be completed after applying to TVBA. A family is accepted based upon previous year tax and wage supported documents through a secure system run by Facts. 


Once your application is complete, Facts will send a recommendation report on acceptance after they have processed and verified your information.


If you are accepted, an allocated amount, to be awarded your tuition account, will be determined. You will see this credit on your statement each month.


Scholarship Fund allotments are designed to be a supplement to a family payment. Therefore, scholarship funds will only be applied once a monthly payment is made. Applications for the scholarship should not be made unless there is a legitimate need.  

To apply for financial aid now click on the Facts link to the right. For any questions or assistance please contact the academy office. 

Applications for returning families must be submitted by April 15

Applications for new families must be submitted by July 31

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Applications for 2024-25 Opening 4/15 (new families)

You can request more information with the menu below:

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