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We understand that choosing Christian Education is a big commitment. We hope to make the enrollment process easy and understandable and are eager to answer any questions you may have.

We also provide financial help through scholarship opportunities sponsored by Penngift and local businesses. It is our hope that all Christian families would enroll their children in a Christian school. Because of this, we aim to keep our costs low while providing quality Christian education. Call to set up a tour, we would love to meet you!

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The Penngift Foundation is the chosen steward of Twin Valley Bible Academy's scholarship funds.  According to the  Federal Education Improvement Tax Credit, passed in 2001, businesses have the opportunity to designate a percentage of their tax money to a specifically named private or Christian School. Funds allocated to Twin Valley Bible Academy go directly to families that desire to enroll their children in Christian School, but may need additional financial supplement to what they can afford to pay.   

How does the Penngift Scholarship work for families?  

First, you must apply and be accepted into the program.  A family is accepted based upon previous year tax and wage supported documents through a secure system run by Facts. 


Once your application is complete, Facts will send a recommendation report on acceptance after they have processed and verified your information.


If you are accepted, an allocated amount, to be awarded your tuition account, will be determined. You will see this credit on your statement each month.


Scholarship Fund allotments are designed to be a supplement to a family payment. Therefore, scholarship funds will only be applied once a monthly payment is made. Applications for the scholarship should not be made unless there is a legitimate need.  

To apply for financial aid now click on the Facts link to the right. For any questions or assistance please contact the academy office. 

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Applications for 2020-21 CLOSED

2020-2021 New Student application

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