We are excited and passionate here at TVBA, to train and disciple your children to be ready and established to stand for the Lord in this "crooked and perverse generation." Our staff is dedicated to consistently teaching the Word and about life in the world as a believer.
It has been my personal passion for nearly 20 years to pour into kids to equip them in the things of the Lord. I relish the opportunity to redeem the time with the youth of our community and to teach a Biblical worldview, and "fit them for usefulness in their future stations." (Noah Webster, 1828)
We hope you will consider Christian Education as you look to honor and please the Lord with the stewardship of his gift in your children. We'd love to have you here at TVBA!
Sincerely,    Nate Mellinger, Principal Twin Valley Bible Academy
Our Mission
Biblical Principles within every subject taught...

To prepare competent disciples of Jesus Christ with a Biblical Worldview to serve God and others through their education and reasoning processes. 


Oftentimes in education, subjects are treated in isolation or they are compartmentalized. At Twin Valley Bible Academy, we believe that our worldview informs or molds how or what we think about other subjects such as Math, Science or Philosophy. The Bible is the standard for truth and anything contrary to it is false. The most important reason to choose Twin Valley Bible Academy is that through all subjects and disciplines, we teach students to think and live biblically (Eph 4:1). Through Christian education, the Christian environment, and a solid Biblical foundation, we desire to help mold a student's mind for God to help them serve wherever they may be. There is a constant battle for the mind with ideas, and it has never been more important to think biblically and establish that Biblical foundation for life. As Winston Churchill presciently stated in his address to Harvard University in 1943: 'The empires of the future will be the empires of the mind.'"

TVBA takes a stand and is a pioneer in education, not with arms but with God's Word as the standard to guide our ideas and worldview. Our vision is to prepare your children, the next American Generation, to conquer the world for Christ, and that starts with a solid biblical foundation.

Our History
Twin Valley Bible Chapel

Pastor Jack Palmer recognized the need for Christian education and began to pray about starting a Christian day school. Twin Valley Bible Chapel officially broke ground in July of 1975 for Chapel expansion and Academy facilities. After 54 working days, the Academy opened its doors on September 10, 1975 with 94 students enrolled. On June 6, 1976, the first graduating class, made up of five seniors, received their high school diplomas.

In 1985, the Chapel and Academy were blessed by the addition of the “Family Center,” which includes the gymnasium, kitchen, locker rooms, and storage room. This addition was built and completely paid for by donations from God’s people. Needless to say, the Family Center has been a vital part of the Academy as well as the Chapel ministry over the past twenty years.

A number of Academy graduates have come back to serve on our staff. We have also had nearly 30 second generation students attend the Academy. Many of our graduates have gone onto higher education and are involved in ministry and numerous vocations.

Our Team

Karen Mellinger



Tonya Brown



Linda McNamara 

Grades 1-2


Caiti Wright

LC3 Grades 3-4


Tracey Philips

Mathematics LC5


Olivia Taylor

HS Girls PE



Luke Taylor

HS Boys PE/A.D.


Nate Mellinger





Bill Muller




Scott MacLean

LC5 Supervisor




Rachel Forrester

Administrative Assistant

Kathy Martin

Music Grade K-12



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