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Fix Your Focus

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

As a Kindergarten teacher who moonlights on Mondays and Fridays as a Supervisor in Junior and High School grades, I have the privilege of watching our amazing Creator work through the ascension of grade levels. God's fantastic principle of individuality is woven in and all around the personalities and age groups; so much so, it would be impossible to miss when looking. We all begin as a blank canvas, and as the marvelous hand of our Father writes our stories and paints our lives with His brilliant colors, creativity, faith, reason, love, will, and personality come alive with divine vibrancy! Here at Twin Valley, as an educator, I can clearly see evidence each child is "fearfully and wonderfully made" to bring glory to Him, sweet changes to the world (and lessons from God to their teachers.)


True and noble things nurture an environment of confident faith; just and pure focus patterns foster heavenly wisdom; commendable and excellent thoughts breed character and virtuous and praiseworthy mindsets create Christian growth and peaceable learning. In a world riddled with turmoil, discontent, and pain, it is a good thing to daily fix our focus on things which are true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of good report! Remembering that to turn our eyes upon Jesus and find the blessings is a goal which, if attained, will render a peace that passes all understanding. Learning to shift our focus from the world to His truth holds immense power to change not only our lives, but the lives around us.


Our students are learning what it is to be loved by an awesome Creator who deems them special beyond their wildest imaginations. And so often, God reminds this Kindergarten teacher she is special as well, because He is using her to paint a little on these beautiful canvases too. So, as we head into the Holiday seasons, may each of us fix our focus on the Father who is always willing to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can think or ask!


Mrs. Brown

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