Thank you for considering Christian Education.  We are happy to assist you with enrolling your child in the Academy. Please go to our NAVIGATION section on the right-hand side of this screen, click on the "Thursday Letters, Newsgrams & Files" section and you will find an APPLICATION QUESTIONNAIRE FOR ENROLLMENT form that may be printed out and sent in. 

You may also call the Academy main office at 610-286-6646, and schedule an appointment to meet with the Principal, Mr. Dale Lutz, and learn more about Twin Valley Bible Academy.  
Below, please find our 2013-2014 Tuition Payment Plan.  
We look forward to hearing from you, and possibly having the priviledge of educating your child.


2016-2017 Tuition Payment Plan 

# of Children            

Tuition Cost        

Curriculum Fee            

1 child* 



2 children 



3 children 



4 children 



 10 month or 12 month payment plans are available. There is a 3% discount on tuition if the total is paid by August 15th. Please give the school office a call for more information at (610) 286-6646. 

* If your child is in kindergarten, yearly tuition will be $2,600.00. 

This scale may have to change during the ‘14-‘15 school year; please understand that it is difficult at this time to project salary and health care premiums for the whole year. 

The registration fee for any new students will be $75.00 (with a maximum fee of $175 per family. Registration fees will not be refundable.