Accelerated Christian Education 

Twin Valley Bible Academy was one of the first schools in Pennsylvania to implement Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.), thus acting as “Pioneers” in Christian Education. Accelerated Christian Education offers individualized Christian curriculum which allows the student to work at his or her own pace. If you would like to learn more about A.C.E. Ministries, just go to

An Individualized Christian Curriculum: How and Why It Works

  1. Every child is treated as an individual, not just a member of the group.
    1. His diagnosed and placed on a level where he can achieve and gain success.
    2. He is moved up or down in any academic subject as the need arises.
    3. He develops skills while working at his own academic level, within the limits of his own ability.
    4. Through controls and motivation, each student is able to advance to his highest potential.
  2. An individualized program is achievement oriented.
    1. The student is motivated and inspired to achieve, and success in academics is rewarded.
    2. Since curriculum is prescribed individually to inspire maximum achievement, no “fast” student is held back, and no “slow” student is committed to keep up with a lock step group.
  3. Responsibility for learning is placed upon the student.
    1. With self-instructional material, the student’s dependence upon the teacher is minimized.
    2. b. Through an atmosphere of positive and negative controls, teachers are free from the responsibility of teaching and are available to encourage and inspire learning.
  4. Learning replaces failure and remains the constant – time is the variable.
    1. Academic failures and boredom can be reduced by eliminating unfair competition and lock step learning restraints.
    2. Prescribed, achievable objectives provide a break-though for the under-achiever and a challenge for the more capable student.
  5. A totally Bible centered Christian curriculum from K to 12 is produce and continually updated.
  6. A well-trained, qualified staff is of utmost importance.
  7. The academic and spiritual needs of every child can be met through a quality-individualized program.
    1. Those with learning disabilities can find success and achievement.
    2. Those with mental and physical deficiencies can feel part of the group and be accepted.
  8. Tuition cost to parents can be kept to a minimum, since the number of professional staff members need not be as large.
  9. Self-motivation and self-discipline are built into the program through controls and privileges.
  10. The teacher spends more time on a one-to-one basis with each student.